Text Messages Are Not Secure

person holding smartphone

According to VICE, Syniverse operates text messaging for Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, China Mobile and other mobile phone carriers. On September 27, 2021 it was revealed they had been hacked in May 2016. That’s five years of every text message’s sender, recipient, location info, and text itself could have been read by the hackers. Passwords and […]

Ransomware Striking a Place Near You

A recent article from The Atlantic highlights the fragile state of technology we are in. We should assume that our devices are not secure, and that effort is required to stay ahead of threat actors. I hate to be a fearmonger but there are people that want your money, and there are nations that want […]

Windows 10 Updates Switching Private Network Profiles to Public

Some of our clients reported that they couldn’t access certain PCs on their local network. Each time we found that the PCs they tried to connect to had their network profile changed from Private to Public. To make that PC accessible over the network, ensure the network profile is set to Private. Once this is […]