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Managed Domain Name

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Secure VPN Router


Secure DNS and Content Filtering

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Small Businesses

Getting the Fundamentals Right

We can help you to make sure your website domain names are renewed and configured properly. Sometimes even the big players in the tech industry lose their domains due to a lack of oversight. We can manage your email, productivity software, anti-malware, DNS, WAN, LAN, etc.

From a Company You Can Trust

We are honored that our clients trust us with their technology infrastructure and we are committed to being their trustworthy partner.  While technical skill and communication are essential, we think honesty, transparency and discreteness are priceless.


Affordable Tech from Techsoup

We can help nonprofits get set up on Techsoup where qualified nonprofits get access to software and hardware donated from Microsoft, Intuit, Teamviewer, Meraki, etcetera for minimal admin fees.

Google & Microsoft for Nonprofits

Google offers Google Workspace for free for qualifying nonprofits. We can help you get set up, including getting a BAA for HIPAA clients. Microsoft 365 also has nonprofit plans.

Secure Your Network

Secure VPN Router

Netgear and Linksys make good products but their routers routinely come up short. The software on their equipment have vulnerabilities that are slowly or never resolved. The solution is to use a product where the software is openly audited and maintained. Open source software like pfSense from Netgate are amazingly secure and reliable. We have also have good things to say about Fortigate.

Secure DNS & Content Filtering

DNS, the phone book of the internet can send your computers to bad places. You need DNSFilter to stop those malicious ads and phishing links from running on your computer. DNSFilter can also prevent your network users (workers, guests, staff or students) from requesting inappropriate content on the internet. We became an DNSFilter Partner in October 2020 and we’re starting to deploy this technology to our clients. Prices will be posted soon.

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Text Messages Are Not Secure

According to VICE, Syniverse operates text messaging for Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, China Mobile and other mobile phone carriers. On September 27, 2021 it was revealed

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