What's New

July 20, 2017

We settled on the Beaver Builder (BB) plugin that provides pagebuilder functionality in WordPress. We've had positive responses from our client that is using it. Clear the BB cache when you encounter glitches. The most lacking thing in BB is the inability to fully customize the header and footer. You could pay $147 for the Beaver Themer or use the free plugin Beaver Builder Header Footer.

We've been doing more video production work with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Video is crucial in social media. We tried to use Blender a while back for video editing but we found their blur tool required far too much resources among other things. Their wipe transition effects are top notch though. Hopefully open source video editing will get better soon. Check out Blender Cloud, an alternative to Adobe Cloud Premiere/After Effects (which we're forced to use).

April 4, 2017

We're continuing to migrate clients to WordPress. We couldn't make Elegant Themes' Divi Theme/Builder work for us. We looked for a different builder plugin that worked better with our workflow, that created standard HTML layouts instead of WordPress Shortcodes. We settled on Pootle Pagebuilder. So far so good!

We're helping clients with things like networking issues, project management, tech audits, helpdesk, AV production, working with their tech interns, PC's with broken Windows Updates, and dealing with file corruption on Windows Servers.

March 2017

Here's some of the technology we worked with so far this year: WordPress, Microsoft Office 365 Exchange (Email Trace), Outlook, Microsoft Surface, Certbot (Let's Encrypt), Nginx, Apache2, lossless MP4/AAC trimming, Dell Servers, Dropbox, iCloud, iOS, Pushpay, WiFi management, Hawaiian language typography, Windows Server Backup, PBC, Anti-Malware, etc.

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