A recent article from The Atlantic highlights the fragile state of technology we are in. We should assume that our devices are not secure, and that effort is required to stay ahead of threat actors. I hate to be a fearmonger but there are people that want your money, and there are nations that want to destroy your economy. It is in your best interest to:

  1. Have a backup strategy
  2. Have layered security

Your backup strategy should be resilient to sophisticated, targeted attacks. The 3-2-1 strategy where you have three backups, on two different kinds of media, with at least one in the cloud.

Your layered security should be able to rollback the affects of malware, alert you of an threats, and keep motivated hackers out. This requires that you have good anti-malware, security on your computer (endpoint), patched/updated devices, firewalls, and VPN when needed.

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