techiniku LLC Services

Updated January 10, 2019

Unfortunately we aren't able to take new clients because of our limited resources.

We are technology generalists in the fields of IT, Web, Audio & Video. There are advantages to having one company manage your technical assets. We openly provide our clients with excellent documentation of their systems because we don't believe in vendor lock-in. We refer our clients to specialists when necessary.

IT Consulting Rates

Our standard hourly rate is $75/hour. We can provide you with a quote when we're given the specifications for your project. In general we like to work with what you have instead of replacing entire systems.

  • Standard – $75/hr for scheduled appointments (billed by 1/2 hr.)
  • Nights & Weekends – $100/hr for nights and weekends (billed by 1/2 hr.)
  • Emergency – $120/hr for emergency service (billed by 1/4 hr.)

We can help you manage your workstations, servers, networks, phone systems, backups and software.

One hour minimum for onsite work. Remote work is typically performed via Remote Desktop, Chrome Remote Desktop or SSH.


Need help with your website? We do content updates for $35/hr and more advanced work for $75/hr. We're experienced with WordPress/PHP and Django/Python websites.

We can register, manage and renew your domain name for your convenience. You maintain complete ownership of your domain name. Domain Registrations: $35/yr + tax.

Website Hosting

We have hosting solutions for various types of websites. Hosting comes with free SSL certificates. We manage our own servers to ensure the technology stack can meet our clients' needs.

Static Hosting: $50/yr + tax*
This type of hosting is for websites that don't change often or if you use site generators like Jekyll or Hugo.

Managed WordPress Hosting: $250/yr + tax*
Managed WordPress, PHP & MySQL hosting. Free Elegant Themes templates and Page Builder plugin included.

Church Websites

We recommend CloverSites especially if you're uploading video. Their service caters specifically to churches.


We can integrate your website with PayPal, Braintree or another payment service so you can receive credit card payments. We can also install a WooCommerce shop on your WordPress website. If the main goal of your website is ecommerce, consider a hosting service that focuses on ecommerce like Big CommerceShopify, or Volusion.

Audio Visual

Having Audio Visual issues? We can help you with configuration, hardware and training to make your events run smoothly.